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Spiritual Bathing Kit

Spiritual Bathing Kit

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Bathing Kits Includes:

✨Cinnamon and Rose Milk Spiritual Bath -OR- Chocolate Salt Protection Bath

✨White tapered candle

✨ Protection Salt

✨Bathing instructions.


Spiritual Bathing Benefits:

-manifestation tool 

-removes energetic blockages

-promotes clarity

-balances all chakras

- Invokes Divine Feminine energies

-supports intentions 

- spiritual maintenance tool



✨Self Love Spiritual Bath :Milk Bath✨

-invokes Divine feminine energy

- new beginnings 

- renews intentions 

-awakens law of attraction 



Renew and Restore mental, emotional, physical and spiritual fog. The Self Love Spiritual Bath redirects blocked energies and balances chakra. Assisting you to operate at optimal levels.


This bath is for you if you are ready to dedicate space to your healing, growth, and ascension.

This bath is for you if you're ready to encourage your divine feminine energy to flow.

This bath is for you if you're ready to turn inward to wash energetic ties that no longer serve your light.

This bath is for you if you're ready to commit to loving and appreciating your needs. 



✨Protection (Full Moon) Bath: Chocolate Salt Bath✨

-Detoxs energetic impurities

-Removes blockages

-Wards off spiritual attacks

-renews balance and protection

-Dispell black magic, hex, evil, & negative attachments 

-shields Aura (your energy field)

The protection bath removes toxic forces, unhealthy chords, and low vibration from your Aura. With the  power to absorb and gently release our protection bath is for you if you want to detox your energy body and release all that no longer support you & move toward a lighter state of being.




(All baths come with full instruction guide)

Apply full pouch to bath during new or full moon cycle for best results. 

For Maintaining your Manifestations:

Use half pouch.


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    What is Crystal Therapy?

    Crystal therapy, also known as crystal healing, is a holistic healing practice that involves the use of crystals and gemstones to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Practitioners of crystal therapy believe that crystals and gemstones have unique energy vibrations that can help to balance and align the energy in the body. They use crystals in a variety of ways, such as placing them on or around the body, wearing them as jewelry, or carrying them in a pocket or purse. The idea behind crystal therapy is that the healing energy of the crystals can help to alleviate physical and emotional issues, such as stress, anxiety, and depression. It is also believed to help in spiritual growth and connect with higher states of consciousness. Crystal therapy is generally considered to be a complementary or alternative therapy and should not be used in place of conventional medical treatment

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