6 Crystal Care Tips for New Crystal Parent's

6 Crystal Care Tips for New Crystal Parent's

Crystal Blessings,

Here's 6 Crystal Tips you may want to consider after you purchase your crystal baby:

1. Routinely Cleanse Crystal 

Cleanse and clear all crystals, crystal jewelry, crystal tools, etc. prior to working with their energy. This is important because crystals act as energy portals and hold on to prior energy or programs before you encounter it. So that you are safe and your crystal is benefiting you, you will want to clean it before use.

Ways to cleanse your crystal🧽
🪶Water (not all stone can get wet)
🪶Scared Smoke
🪶other Cleansing Stones


Similar to our devices crystal are locked with ancient wisdom and healing powers. To unlock this wisdom and utilize their healing properties programing your crystal babies are essential. Programming your crystal with the power of the spoke word allows your crystal to be filled with the vibration of your intentions and energy for best results. With a clear mind and a open heart hold your crystal in the palm of your hand and speak life (aloud or internally) into it's existing potential and dispelling any prior programming. This allows your sacred stone(s) direction and to resonate with your intentions and energy to work towards your highest good.

3.Activate & Charge 

Charging your crystal allows the programing to activate and awaken. Crystals can be charged in various ways

🪶Moon Bath (full / new moon phase)

🪶Sun Bath

🪶 Selenite Charging Wand or Bowl


4. Feng Shui 

Create mindfulness in your home by placing crystal energy that supports your space. Place crystals in each corner of a room to balance energy. Place protection stones near or at front or back doors to create a shield of awareness and safety. Keep crystals near electronics to ward off electromagnetic pollution. Create a healthy environment with crystal therapy to transmute and refresh any space.


5. Crystal Combinations

Pair your crystal babies with other crystal energies that support your intent to amplify your crystal therapy, workings and rituals.

Talk to them, keep a crystal journal, and don't forget to routinely cleanse them every full and new moon or between use!

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